If you have never tried shapewear, trust me you're missing a lot of sexiness! 

Yeah, that's right! Shapewear makes your body sexier and more structured. We all have little complexes about our bodies which is absolutely normal!  Even a supermodel may have something to say about her body! 


The first time I tried shapewear, I was blown away! With dresses, it's really a relief. 
I wear it also with jeans, when tucking a shirt into it, you need that little belly to calm down. 
I tried so many brands, from the cheapest ones you can buy on Amazon to the most expensive ones, until I found my all-time favorite, Honeylove

What is Honeylove? 

Betsie Larkin spent years touring the world as a vocalist for some of EDM’s biggest acts. 
She reached for shapewear to feel confident on stage but found every product she tried rolled down, had no structure and squeezed in the wrong places. Betsie wanted shapewear that was bold and effective, not apologetic and flimsy. After a fruitless search for the perfect pair, she set out to create her own. Her first product became a viral success, and Honeylove was born.
They sell Sculptwear.
Traditional shapewear has the right idea but the wrong execution. Their products are fundamentally different, shapewear tends to squeeze your body which causes a problem instead of solving it, Honeylove sculpts your body to hide your insecurities. 

Honeylove Products

The brand offers different products that are smoothing, flexible, sculpting, and comfortable. 
They sell Sculptwear.

■  Honeylove SuperPower Shorts ($89) - These are the original Sculptwear shorts, they are super comfortable, they provide strong targeted compression, and the most important thing, they are bathroom friendly. It has 4 colors for different skin tones, 8 sizes. 
■  Honeylove SuperPower Brief ($84) - BESTSELLER! Because it's an everyday shaper, It provides strong targeted compression too and has a brief bottom. It comes in 4 colors, 8 sizes. 
■  Honeylove Queen Brief ($89) - It's the most comfortable one, it has strong targeted compression and flattering strong lines. It's sweat-wicking and has boost bands to enhance the booty. It comes in 3 colors, 8 sizes. 
■  Honeylove SuperPower Thong ($79) - If you don't want any panty lines these are for you. It has strong targeted compression and a thong bottom. It comes in 2 colors, 8 sizes.  
■  Honeylove SculptWave Capri (99$) - These provide 100% invisible sculpting because they go below the knee, providing strong targeted compression, thinning the thighs and the booty at the same time. It's newer products but so far has great reviews. It comes in 2 colors, 8 sizes. It's perfect for curvy bodies. 
■  Honeylove LiftWear Tank (84$) - This tank top is perfect for smoothing and thinning your upper body only, it provides bonded support, and comes with dig-free straps and most importantly wire-free which is more comfortable than regular bras, amazing for daily wear. It comes in 7 colors, 8 sizes. 
■  Honeylove LiftWear Cami (84$) - It's the same as the LiftWear Tank, the only difference is the adjustable straps, perfect for smaller breasts. It comes in 6 colors, 8 sizes. 
■  Honey Love Silhouette Bra (64$) - This bra provides an adjustable lift, with adjustable straps. The soft velvet piping provides extra reinforcement on the side and center panels. No wires, more comfortable. It comes in 5 colors, 7 sizes. 
■  Honeylove V-Neck Bra (64$) - The LiftWear V-Neck Bra is so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing a bra. Thanks to supportive micro-fabric, bonded construction, and a hardware-free design, this bra will have you feeling lifted, secure, and oh so smooth. It comes in8 colors, 8 sizes. 
■  Honeylove SoftSculpt Cotton Brief (24$) - The ultimate pair of underwear. The Brief’s compressive cotton material and high-waisted rise work together to gently sculpt your midsection. The garment’s full coverage cut gently lifts and shapes your booty, while non-slip fabric keeps you wedgie-free all day long. Plus, the Brief is extra breathable thanks to its 100% cotton gusset. It comes in 2 colors, 7 sizes.

My Honeylove Thoughts  

I love the Honeylove SuperPower Shorts which costs 89$. I chose size S as they recommend to get a thinning fit. My aim was to make my thighs look thinner, my belly smaller and my booty lifted. And it did it all. The shorts fit perfectly with dresses.

The material is made of different fabrics, for the Body: 75% Nylon, 25%, Spandex Lining: 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex and Gusset(the opening for the restroom): 100% Cotton. It's thick and sturdy which means it will last for so long. It's not like the regular shapewear, so stretchy and thin. It has mesh on the part where you want more volume, which is amazing, and made it more comfortable. It's machine washable, if you sign up for the newsletter you receive a free intimates bag with your order, it's amazing you can put your Sculptwear in it, and throw it in the washing machine and it will not get damaged. 

The sizing is perfectly fitting, I chose a size that will give me what I wanted without making me suffocate, and it's comfortable. 
It's the world's best-designed compression, It made my body look very sculpted in an hourglass shape which made me so happy. I wore it with jeans also, thanks to the mesh fabric on the tights which didn't make a mark.
AND IT DOESN'T ROLL. The Boning on the side is perfect, it will not fall like other shapewear. It comes with two straps for more support, I didn't need to. It also helps you to improve your posture. 
It doesn't have the silicone strip inside like the regular shapewear, so it's sensitive skin-friendly, and not painful, which is great. 

The price may seem expensive and scary but it's really worth every penny. You will amortize the price by using it, it's durable and with good care, it will last you forever. 


Unfortunately, you will not find a discount code anywhere but on the brand's official website, they have great offers, like getting a washing machine bag if you signup for the newsletter, 20% if you buy 2 items, and, Free shipping and returns on all U.S. orders. 

Well, I hope I gave you the maximum information to hurry and get it. I think it's absolutely worth it and & I recommend it to any woman who needs to feel more comfortable and confident. 
The hardest part is to choose the best size, you can use the Size Guide on the site, it helps but you need to know what you really need, if not the experience may not be as good as I described. 
If you don't like the product, you can return it to them within 60 days for free and with a total refund, so there is no harm testing it. 

That's it,  I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I enjoyed writing it.

I would love to have your feedback.