Top 5 Nail Trends for 2023: Make a Statement with These Must-Have Styles

Top 5 Nail Trends for 2023: Make a Statement with These Must-Have Styles

Top 5 Nail Trends for 2023: Make a Statement with These Must-Have Styles

Looking for the latest nail trends for 2023? Look no further! Celebrity nail designs are set to continue their viral fame, with top manicurists becoming influential figures in the beauty industry. This year, expect a rise in low-maintenance styles and elevated nail accessories on your Instagram feed. Stay ahead of the game and give these on-trend looks a try.

 #1 Soft Chrome

    Chrome is set to make a comeback in 2023, but with a more mature twist. Instead of the traditional blingy look, you can use chrome nail polish over an opaque or sheer base for a glossy, healthy appearance. Townhouse nail studio has also debuted a new take on the trend with their Dazzling Disco design, featuring a chrome topcoat on an opaque base for a glazed, doughnut-inspired finish. For a similar effect, try applying a milky shade topped with chrome for a shiny, glossy look. This Londontown Pearl Soft Shimmering Champagne Nail Polish will help you achieve the perfect subtle chrome. It's a beautiful light champagne color, gorgeous! 

 #2 Clean Girl Aesthetic 

    Minimalistic manicures are set to be all the rage in 2023, as people continue to prioritize the health and appearance of their nails. The Londontown Cheerio Neutral Pink and the Plié Pink Peach Nail Polishes will help you get the simple look that hides any imperfections while still appearing well-manicured and healthy. These low-maintenance polishes are perfect for everyday wear and will help you achieve the perfect minimalistic nail look.

#3 Soft French

    Get ready for a revival of the classic French manicure in 2023! This timeless look is getting a subtle update for the new year, with thin, barely-there white tips for a chic and expensive appearance. These fine lines can also be applied in reverse French for a simple yet impactful twist on the traditional style. You will be seeing this elegant manicure trend all over your Instagram feed.

    One of the most beloved French manicure styles is the combination of white and milky off-white nail polish. This match made in heaven creates a softer, less harsh look and gives the nails a stunning, clean appearance. If you're a fan of French manicures, this style is definitely worth trying out. The Londontown Duchess Pure Crème White and the Chelsea Porcelain Milky Off-White are my go-to nail polishes!

#4 Nail Accents  

In 2023, textured accents such as rhinestones, glitter, and matte and gloss topcoats will continue to be popular. If you're not ready to fully commit to nail art, consider adding a simple, textured touch to your manicure, such as a line of glitter along the cuticle for a reverse French look or a single crystal dot accent on each nail. These playful designs offer an easy way to incorporate the trend into your nail routine.
Another easy trick is to simply add a little sticker and apply the top coat so it doesn't move. You can use The Londontown Nail Decals in Starbright or The Londontown Nail Decals in Cosmic

#5 Metallic & Jeweled Nails

This year, nail piercings and other jewelry-inspired materials will be all the rage. If you're looking to make a statement with your nails, consider opting for longer styles that are perfect for piercing and accessorizing with diamante accents. To keep the focus on these bold additions, pair them with a clean, minimalistic manicure. While they may not be the most practical choice, these attention-grabbing accents are sure to turn heads. This beautiful Metallic Nail Polish Collection will amaze you! You should try it.

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for nails, with a range of on-trend styles to choose from. From subtle chrome and minimalistic manicures to textured accents and jewel-inspired materials, there's something for every nail enthusiast. Whether you're a fan of low-maintenance looks or bold, attention-grabbing styles, these trends are sure to inspire your next manicure. So go ahead and give them a try – your Instagram followers will thank you!

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