A Sustainable Future For Streetwear Style!

A Sustainable Future For Streetwear Style!


Street-style fashion is a term that refers to fashion trends and styles that are inspired by the way people dress in everyday, urban settings. Street-style fashion is often characterized by a relaxed, casual aesthetic and a mix-and-match approach to fashion.

There are some key elements that define street-style fashion and make it outstand so many fashion styles.

#1 Comfort

Street-style fashion prioritizes comfort above all else. This means that clothing is typically loose-fitting and made from comfortable materials such as cotton or fleece.

#2 Functionality

Street-style fashion is designed to be practical and functional, with an emphasis on clothes that can be worn in a variety of settings and for a range of activities.

#3 Individuality

Street style fashion encourages people to express their own personal style and to mix and match different pieces to create unique, one-of-a-kind looks.

#4 Versatility

Street style fashion is known for its versatility, with pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

#5 Cultural influence

Street-style fashion is often influenced by cultural trends and styles, such as hip-hop, skate culture, and punk. This can be seen in the use of graphic tees, oversized jackets, and other elements that are associated with these subcultures.

It is a casual, relaxed style that encourages people to express their own personal style and mix and match different pieces to create unique looks.

It can be a fun and expressive way for people to dress. However, like any aspect of the fashion industry, street-style fashion can be problematic in certain ways.

For example, some street-style fashion brands may use low-quality, fast-fashion production techniques that are harmful to the environment and exploit workers.

Fast Fashion, Why is It a Problem?

Additionally, street-style fashion can sometimes contribute to the overconsumption of clothing and contribute to waste in the fashion industry.

To address these issues, it is important for street-style fashion brands to prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices. Consumers can also make a positive impact by choosing street-style fashion brands that prioritize these values and by supporting secondhand and thrift stores, which can help to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

And that’s my friends, what caught my attention about this new brand: SUPERMADE!


At SuperMade, they take inspiration from rappers and street fashion. Their curated collections for all genders are assembled by combining contemporary and classic. They encourage the fashion community to shop and style.

Street Style Fashion Inspired by Rappers


They manufacture their products in limited quantities with an aim to minimize waste and make each item exclusive. They refuse to follow fast fashion trends of wasting water and using unethical labor practices. Their ultimate vision is to be the #1 streetwear fashion brand and do that by taking pride in our sustainable practices.

Sustainable Fashion


They believe in the power of self-expression. Gen Y and Z have the opportunity to select from infinite fashion choices on the internet. They take into consideration the human potential to now more fully express themselves via music, art, and other media, and strive to be your way to best share your outward self with the world.

Unisex Styles

I found some very beautiful pieces on the website. Some can be timeless and really you can take the best use of them!

They have the vibe of Chrome Hearts, like these stylish Cross Denim Jeans:

Cross Denim Jeans

This Supermade oil painting jacquard flower denim jacket is a must-have for the early fall/autumn season. Inspired by Nigo’s latest Kenzo collection, full jacquard, and floral elements are considered.

Supermade oil painting jacquard flower denim jacket

The Supermade Graffiti Lamb Wool Coat.

The Supermade Graffiti Lamb Wool Coat.

The Supermade American Washed Old Letter Print Hooded Sweatshirt Couple -1416

American Washed Old Letter Print Hooded Sweatshirt

The Supermade Star Pattern Embroidery Shirt -1120

Star Pattern Embroidery Shirt

Street-style is the trend to hop on, I really love how it represents people and their creativity. If you’re interested in incorporating street-style fashion into your wardrobe, consider supporting brands that prioritize these values and consider shopping secondhand or at thrift stores to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

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