How To Style Cowboy Boots in 2023 Like a Fashion Icon

How To Style Cowboy Boots in 2023 Like a Fashion Icon

How To Style Cowboy Boots in 2023 Like a Fashion Icon


If you've been searching for how to elevate your cowboy boot game and achieve a street-style worthy look, you're not the only one. According to the global shopping platform Lyst, searches for cowboy boots have been increasing in popularity in the last year.  However, many of us are still figuring out how to style these boots in a way that doesn't make us look like Daisy Duke. 
I decided to write this article when I bought the Zara Heeled Cowboy Ankle Boots, and I really didn't know how to style them, after trying so many combos, I think I found the perfect pieces that will go perfectly with the boots, and trust me when I say, that they're surprisingly so versatile and can even be a staple in your collection!

#1 Dresses

    Without a boot, particularly a cowboy boot, what is bohemian fashion? The best cowboy boots instantly give a flowy maxi or midi dress a groovy, bohemian vibe, especially if you select a boot with decorations or fringe. Contrary to popular belief, cowboy boots go well with feminine dresses. Since the combination of androgynous boots and feminine finishing looks good together, slip dresses, denim dresses, and shirtdresses are the finest dresses to choose from. 
The cowboy boot's inherent casualness adds a touch of style to any outfit, but they can also be the ideal partner for a glam dress for a night out.

#2 Jeans 
    Cowboy boots can be paired with different denim styles to create unique looks. One classic way to style them is with skinny jeans, as the slim fit creates a polished appearance. For a more casual yet put-together outfit, tuck a pair of skinny jeans into tall cowboy boots and add a blazer or shirt in a coordinating color.
If you're looking to switch things up, try pairing cowboy boots with baggier denim silhouettes. Tucking them into your boots gives the trend a fresh spin. To keep the look balanced, pair baggy jeans with a more fitted top.
You can also experiment with different lengths of jeans when styling cowboy boots. For example, try pairing cropped straight jeans with ankle cowboy boots or tucking flared jeans that are extra long into your boots, letting just a peek of the boots show.

#3 Skirts

    Denim skirts and shirts are a classic pairing with cowboy boots but don't be afraid to experiment with other skirts in your wardrobe. The boots' masculine feel creates a playful contrast with ultra-feminine skirts that feature slits or chains. Midi skirts also pair well with cowboy boots, drawing inspiration from the flared jean styling tips above.

When styling cowboy boots with skirts, try pairing an A-line skirt with a more fitted top and knee-high cowboy boots. The best shirts for this look are slightly more casual or have cute styling details, such as statement collars or embellishments, to play up the mix of femininity and androgyny.

#4 Blazer

    Contrary to popular belief, a blazer can be worn with cowboy boots to achieve a western chic look. According to style expert Grayson, a blazer, bodysuit, and cowboy boots are the epitome of western chic. To style a blazer with cowboy boots, pair it with leggings or straight-legged jeans, and tuck them into tall cowboy boots. This look is versatile and can take you from running errands to brunch with friends. It's also very flattering and made up of wardrobe essentials you likely already own.

Tip: Keep everything in a monochromatic color scheme for a polished look when you want to wear a dress, blazer, and cowboy boots for the office.

#5 Co-ord

    Cowboy boots can be used to add a laid-back touch to formal co-ords such as a skirt suit. Whether tucking them into suit trousers or pairing them with a tailored skirt, choose boots in a similar shade to your co-ord to create a tonal look. The boots also work well with knitted co-ords in fall and winter, making them look suitable for the colder months. For a sleek and polished ensemble, opt for plain, non-embellished cowboy boots and pair them with a ribbed knit set for a versatile look that can take you from brunch to the bar.

Tip: In winter, cowboy boots can still look great paired with tights. You can opt for sheer tights for a fashion-forward look or opaque tights for a more formal appearance.

How should you wear cowboy boots with jeans? Over or under?

    Whether cowboy boots should be worn over or under jeans depends on the person wearing them and the type of boots. It also depends on personal preference and the style of the boots. For the fashion-forward female, boots should go over jeans. However, for work boots or men's boots, they will remain under jeans."

Princess Diana Wearing Cowboy Boots, Getty Images

    The practice of tucking jeans into boots, known as blousing, was commonly done by early Texas Rangers for practical reasons. However, since the 80s, women have been tucking their jeans into cowboy boots and Princess Diana was particularly fond of this look. To update this trend for 2023, try slipping your cowboy boots over not just jeans, but also leggings, trousers, and even sweatpants. The key is to make it look effortless and as if the boots were thrown on quickly to leave the house.

Why you should invest in a high-quality, durable, and stylish pair of cowboy boots? 

    Investing in a good quality pair of cowboy boots is a wise decision for several reasons:

Firstly, they are timeless and versatile pieces of footwear that can be worn in a variety of settings, from casual outings to formal events. Secondly, they are made with durable materials and construction that can withstand regular wear and tear, which means they will last for years to come. Thirdly, a high-quality pair of cowboy boots are often more comfortable, as they are made with the best materials and perfect fit which can support your feet and reduce the chances of injuries. Additionally, a good quality cowboy boot often comes with a better aesthetic and design, which can enhance your overall style. All in all, investing in a good quality cowboy boot is a great investment for both your wardrobe and your feet.

    I really hope to have the opportunity to invest in good quality cowboy boots, the ones on my wishlist are from the Stella McCartney Collection. I love the colors and the motifs. The Stella McCartney Cowboy Cloudy Boots in Brown, are my coup de Coeur, I already put together so many outfits in my head! They're also available in Black, and they're just so sexy and feminine! 

Stella McCartney Cowboy Stretch Boot 

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