Top 2023 Fashion Trends You'll Be Rocking Soon!

Top 2023 Fashion Trends You'll Be Rocking Soon!

    Top 2023 Fashion Trends You'll Be Rocking Soon! 

    It is necessary to discuss the top trends that will rule the fashion industry in the upcoming months as we entered 2023. This year is already shaping up to be a year of interesting and diverse fashion options, from vibrant colors and patterns to sustainable materials and vintage-inspired styles. 

    This article is for you if you're a fashionista looking to keep up with the newest trends or just someone looking to upgrade your wardrobe. Let's get started with the hottest fashion trends of 2023, NOW!

#1 Maxi Skirts and Dresses

    The re-emergence of maxi skirts and dresses is one of the top fashion trends for this year. Expect to see maxi skirts and dresses in a range of looks, from more structured denim, and contemporary designs to bohemian-inspired pieces for the summer. 

    Try to pair a maxi skirt with platform shoes. It will make you look taller and skinnier. As you know platforms made a huge comeback in the last year we've seen them in the biggest Maisons and also in the fast fashion brands. My favorite ones are the Valentino's but there are also some good ones in Fashion Nova or even Amazon! Like they are EVERYWHERE! 

    The wearing of maxi skirts and dresses in strong, vibrant colors and patterns is one particularly well-liked style. Bright, colorful colors of pink, orange and purple are predicted to be particularly popular, as well as floral prints and tie-dye designs. These hues and designs will give any ensemble a casual, lighthearted vibe that is ideal for the warmer seasons.

    If you were into the micro skirt trends, unfortunately, this year it will be swapped for the maxis, but as you know you can wear whatever you want whenever you want! 

#2 Maxi Handbags  

    Maxi handbags are coming back! For some, it's good news, especially for me. I love everything maxi, the big chunky handbags are coming back. You can fit everything you need and no one will ask you where are you going! As we saw in the LV fashion show in October, they made all their staple bags 10 times bigger. We saw them in Zara and other retailers. I've never been a fan of the tiny micro bags, like the JACQUEMUS ones, I felt like it's simply a waste of money because obviously, they will be out. Cute but not practical.

#3 Sheer Clothing 

    This trend made a sneak peek last year, we saw the majority of celebrities mixing up sheer and lingerie in so many runways. Well, now it's your turn to rock everything mesh! From skirts to shirts, or even blouses! Think Wednesday style, a flowy sheer skirt with a tight crop top or underwear and a sheer blouse! That will certainly look very smart. 

#4 Micro Shorts 

    You know that the Hadid sisters are now trendsetters, and since Belle Hadid was seen with a white micro short and oversized blazer, now they're everywhere. I love them on everyone but not me! You can pair them with anything oversized like a blazer or coat. Chanel did two years ago but this year is the YEAR. This one looks exactly the same as Bella's and I'm sure it's much cheaper! Enjoy.

#5 Opera Gloves

    The long riggle gloves are the trend this year. They are available in different materials, sheer, leather, cashmere, mesh, and more. You can rock them with dresses, tight bodycon, and more. They are a bit hard to style and in my humble opinion, they will look best with dresses but with anything else it's hard.

#6 Everything Cargo 

    We saw cargo or parachute pants everywhere. Just take a quick tour on your Instagram, you will see everyone wearing them. They're great and very versatile, but this year we're talking about everything cargo. Pockets, pockets, and pockets. All the brands did it, from high-end brands to fast fashion brands! The twist this year is that we will be looking at cargo skirts, shirts, jackets, suits, and everything.  The Fendi Anniversary Fashion Show had all pieces with pockets even the Baguette! I am talking about a beige suit, with cargo pants and a big oversized cargo jacket with humongous pockets, that will look yummy! 


#7 Lime Green, Wasabi Green, Avocado Green 

    I think everyone is tired of neon, especially neon green. We saw it everywhere, all celebrities rocked it so now we're moving on to the next era of green but this time more subtle but still very obvious. I am talking about lime green pop of color or any color from the above. You can wear everything black and add an oversized wasabi green blazer! Stunning, isn't it? Or, you can add a pop of color by wearing a green handbag.

#8 Lingerie-Inspired Clothing 

    You can rock this trend easily because who doesn't own lingerie? You mix a piece of lingerie, with a dainty mesh strappy dress, and that's IT. You will see this everywhere, and I am sure you already did. If you saw the Met Gala 2022 looks, I am sure you can remember the black lingerie dress that Vanessa Hudgens wore, it's the perfect representation of this trend! 

#8 Mermaid Vibes

    Say goodbye to the Barbie Style and say hello to our favorite creature the Mermaid Style! You will see the sequins and the pastels everywhere. I am thinking of a sequin lilac skirt with a matching top in the same texture and even maybe a headpiece with the same material! Beautiful. 

#9 Baggy Jeans 

    Baggy jeans are back since 2022 but this year they will get bigger and bigger! Personally switching to baggy jeans was hard for me because it's been a long time since we are wearing only skinny jeans. I didn't throw my slim jeans they are still here but I had to buy jeans and start over to keep up! So, my love for baggy jeans was growing on me and now I don't see myself in slim ones except when I'm wearing high-knee boots. If you couldn't do the switch, I promise you'll be more than happy because believe it or not they're flattering. You will feel taller and definitely skinnier in baggy jeans! The new trend is to put your baggy jeans under your boots, I know hard to imagine but doable! As I said it will grow on you. 

#10 Supersized Blazers

    I am sure that you already have an oversized blazer that you throw over everything but now you'll be looking for a super-oversized blazer. I am talking about huge wide shoulders and a very baggy blazer that fits two of you! 

#11 Heavy-Duty Leather 

    I love leather but sometimes it can be uncomfortable. You can choose an oversized leather coat in a flashy color like pink or you can opt for a leather suit with an oversized blazer. I like this trend because leather can make you look well-dressed with the least effort. 

What's Going Out? 

    Thank God none of my favorite trends are going out. Micro skirts as I said in the beginning are out. The Barbie style is swiped out, it's cute but not when you see everyone wearing the same shade of pink and the same platform pink shoes! The crystals everywhere are also out, like the shiny crystalized mini handbags which I wasn't fond of. 

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