MSCHF Big Red Boots: Is Fashion Entering a Silly Era?

 MSCHF Big Red Boots

Big. Red. Boots. Credit: MSCHF / Garrett Bruce

    Fashion is entering a new era, one that is playful, whimsical, and unapologetically silly. The MSCHF Big Red Boots are the perfect representation of this trend, with their oversized and cartoonish appearance capturing the spirit of the times.

From Loewe's Minnie Mouse stilettos to Balenciaga's Hummer Derby loafers, fashion is embracing its silly side. And now, a new player has entered the scene - the Big Red Boots.

What are the Big Red Boots?

    The Big Red Boots are a recent fashion trend that has gained popularity due to their over-the-top appearance. These unisex cartoon-like boots have been seen by influencers and other fashionable individuals, and have become a viral sensation for their absurd appearance. Similar to the evolution of Crocs from being considered uncool to becoming an ironic fashion statement, the Big Red Boots are both in style and a commentary on trends.

They are made by the MSCHF Art Collective. The New York-based art collective has previously designed a number of controversial sneakers, including the custom “Jesus” Air Max 97 in 2019, followed by “Satan Shoes” made in collaboration with Lil Nas X, released in 2021 in a limited edition of 666 pairs filled with human blood. Nike stated that it was not involved in the process, and later filed a lawsuit against the art collective. The brand’s official Instagram profile already features a number of influencers and celebrities flaunting the big red boots, including the rapper Tommy Genesis, Canadian basketball player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, influencer RADASFVCK, musician Ken Rebel, and many more. 

To summarize, they are cartoonish very big boots, almost unpractical but yet worn by the most influential people! Why? You have to scroll down! 

Credit: @holdthegrail 

What's the Silly Fashion Era? 

    The "silly era" of fashion refers to a trend in the fashion industry where clothing and accessories are becoming more playful and whimsical in design. This trend is a departure from the more practical and functional styles that were popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and is characterized by bold, bright colors, exaggerated shapes, and cartoonish or humorous elements. Brands like MSCHF, EgonLab, and JW Anderson are embracing this trend by creating bold, playful footwear and clothing that is designed to make a statement and capture the attention of the public. The "silly era" of fashion is a reflection of a desire for joy and escapism, as people look for ways to add a touch of lightheartedness to their lives in a time of uncertainty and stress.

Sarah Snyder models the boots. Credit: Garrett Bruce

How the MSCHF Big Red Boots Represent The Silly Fashion Era? 

    Gone are the days of minimalist and practical fashion, as people are now looking to make bold statements with their outfits. The Big Red Boots are a testament to this new era of fashion, with their unbridled and joyous nature inspiring a sense of playfulness and fun. 

The boots have already gained widespread popularity, with social media influencers and fashion enthusiasts embracing their bold looks. The boots have become a viral sensation, with TikTok playing a major role in their rise to fame. Celebrities have also taken notice, with many seen wearing the boots, further solidifying their place in the silly era of fashion. 

The MSCHF Big Red Boots are not just a fashion statement, but a representation of a broader cultural shift towards embracing the silly and the absurd. With their oversized and cartoonish appearance, they remind us to have fun with our fashion choices and not take ourselves too seriously.

How To Buy The Big Red Boots?

    The Big Red Boots are made of TPU, a material commonly used for phone cases, rubber, and an EVA foam sole and insole. EVA is the same material used in Crocs. As a result, the boots are bouncy, somewhat squishy, and may even be tempting to chew on.

They retail for $350, which can either be considered a reasonable price for a fashionable pair of boots or an exorbitant cost for a pair of novelty rubber shoes, depending on one's interest in fashion. They go on sale to the public on February 16 at 11 a.m. EST. They can be purchased from and the MSCHF Sneakers application. The price on the secondary market is expected to go over $1000. (Actually, the price went up to $1898 on StockX, MIND BLOWING.)

Some people have reported difficulty with removing the Big Red Boots. One suggestion is to enlist the assistance of friends. Another suggestion is to wear socks with a gripping texture to make it easier to slide the boots off!

How To Style The Big Red Boots?

    Very good question! The Big Red Boots can be styled in various ways. One option is to wear them with oversized shorts and bold colors. Another option is to wear them with short skirts, Minnie Mouse Style. Or try pairing them with a black and white bodysuit and sheer tights, like Coi Leray! With these eye-catching boots, the possibilities for fashion are limitless.

Credit: Coi Leray

Credit: @tommygenesis

Credit: @radasfvck

Credit: @mahbacela

    The Big Red Boots are not just a playful and silly addition to fashion but also a reflection of our current times. After a year of practical pandemic dressing, it's refreshing to see the industry embracing a lighter and more carefree approach. Whether you're a fan of cosplay or just love a good statement shoe, the Big Red Boots are sure to bring some fun and excitement to your wardrobe. So why not join the silly era and step into a new world with the Big Red Boots?

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