Buying luxury items is a personal preference, some people can afford it but choose not to and others prefer to save their hard-earned money and treat themselves... Both options are good if you are doing what your heart wants. 

Obviously, Louis Vuitton is NOT affordable but as a luxury brands lover, I prefer little classy pieces which would make me so happy but not broke at the same time. 
So why not buy little things to treat yourself and also feel bougie? 

Sometimes you go through a luxury website and sort articles from low to high depending on your budget, it's not a shame, it means that you are a wise person and you should be proud of yourself. I did it many times. So I'm here to do it for you but with more details. 

We will go from low to high but not that high, a moderate one.

Ready? Let's go! 🙈

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Bandeaus are coming back strongly as it's so trendy right now.
Personally, I love it so much and I enjoy the young look it gives you. 
It's so cute and versatile. The LV Perfect Match Bandeau is 210$ and it is really perfect just like its name, you will get a two pattern bandeau so it's reversible, the two sides are very different, a colorful one and a basic LV browny one.
Another positive point is that you can use it in three different ways: for your handbag strap, it's so trendy right now, a hair bandeau obviously and around your neck as a choker necklace with a beautiful knot. 
So it's like you're buying three products in one. Amazing! 


If you are a cardholder lover like me, I got you, girl! I love cardholders so much, not just for the fact that you put cards in them, Duh! but it makes you feel so classy chic and mostly organized. 
So I have some good deals for you. 
You can get a Louis Vuitton Cardholder for 220$! 
The Cardholder Daily is another option with Damier Azur Canvas, different style, girlier and for 5$ more.
Different patterns, same price. Amazing right? 
My favorite is the Monogram Reverse Canvas, love it so much.
These cardholders are cheaper than some LV phone cases! can you believe it?
It goes with anything, personally, I can pair a Monogram with any color. It's like jeans for me.
If you love colors there are more options.  
Hope you liked it. 


If you lose your keys all the time you need to attach them to something expensive so you will never do it again.
This key pouch is 270$, it may sound expensive but you can use it in two ways. 
You can obviously use the pouch for coins or, and this is important, put a little lipstick in the pouch and attach it to the bag so now you have a little LV charm. 
It's a very stylish way to use it differently and make the most from it. 
It comes with 3 different patterns for all different styles. 
I think you already guessed it: YES MY FAVORITE ONE IS THE MONOGRAM HAHA


Accessories can change the whole mood of an outfit, you can go from basic to very stylish in a matter of seconds. 
I love LV bracelets, they are my favorite. The quality is amazing, the durability too. It never looks old-fashioned and that's why I love them.
Another positive point is that they are easy to resell and they don't lose their value. 
The LV CONFIDENTIAL BRACELET is 275$, very simple and sleek. 
Layering is so trendy now, so you can easily add more gold jewelry with this bracelet.  
And yeah Monogram again I love it can't do anything about it haha


Finally, our fifth and last piece, trust me it's worth it and I have some tricks for you. 
It may be expensive in comparison to other pieces mentioned before but I think it's the best way to get an LV Handbag for cheaper. it's not technically one, I will explain. 
Recently we have seen vanity purses from Christian Dior or Chanel turned into handbags, you only add a strap, and yeah it's done. 
So with the LV Toiletry Pouch 15 Monogram (yeah monogram again), you can have a
handbag for just 490$! Clever, I know. 
The question that you are certainly asking yourself now is: How can I turn a toiletry pouch into a handbag? Well thanks to inserts, it is possible now. You can find cheap inserts in Aliexpress or other websites, you need a strap and it's done. You can find plenty of tutorial on Youtube about it.
The question you can ask why don't you buy a Mini Pochettes Accessoires and avoid all this. 
So the reply is no, the Mini Pochette Accessoires is so tiny like its name and will not fit many things compared to the toiletry pouch.

Toiletry Pouch 15 with Insert

Before I go, I will tell you the reason why I love Monogram that much. 
I love it because it's the most timeless pattern of LV and when you decide to resell be sure that it will go so quickly. So If you are starting your luxury collection handbag start with basic classic pieces. 
I will add more articles about timeless pieces. 

That's it cuties, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I enjoyed writing it.

I would love to have your feedback, I'm a newbie so any comments or messages will mean the world to me. 



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